How to Survive a Partner That Doesn’t Like Traveling

Perhaps, you’ve fallen in love with somebody that doesn’t like traveling, yet this is your all-time favorite hobby. If you’re an adventure lover or a travel addict, living with a person that doesn’t like traveling can be challenging. But, you can still survive and maintain your relationship. Here’s how to live with a partner that doesn’t enjoy traveling.

Go on a Short Getaway

Perhaps, your partner can travel a little or hasn’t traveled before. That means preconceived notions of what travel is about might preoccupy their minds. In that case, you can go on a short getaway to help them learn more about travel. During this getaway, show your partner that travel is fun and exciting. That way, you can change their idea of travel as tiring, boring, and less fun.

Talk About Travel Worries

Maybe your partner has personal reasons for hating travel. They could be reluctant to travel because they are worried about finances or their job. In that case, start by discussing travel worries with your spouse. For instance, tell your partner that you can plan and save for a trip over a year. That means you don’t have to spend your monthly income on a trip. Instead, you can save little by little to accumulate enough money for travel. What’s more, tell your partner that you can take an off from work at the same time and go on a trip. Thus, you can travel without losing your jobs.

Travel Solo

If your partner can’t agree on going on a trip with you, consider going on a solo trip. Many people around the world travel alone because their spouses don’t want or are not available. Nevertheless, talk to your spouse about your trip to ensure that your solo travels do not cause a conflict in your relationship.

Follow these tips to survive your partner if they don’t like traveling.